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Farewell, Orphan Black

Like any good sci-fi tale, then, Orphan Black is finally far less interested in predicting what might be, than it is in describing what exists now.

My Three Best Jokes and Why They Were So Great

And this is the mark of comedy greatness: it pushes us—not to a breaking point, but just outside what we thought was “good enough.”

The Prudent Keep Quiet in Such Times

Seek good, not evil, that you may live. Then the Lord God Almighty will be with you, just as you say he is.

In Defense of Habit

But I also hold on to habits because they give me an unexpected freedom.

The Bloodmobile

After a full bag, they unplugged me and fed me Cheez-Its and sent me on my way. I would soon discover that drinking a PBR immediately after giving blood isn’t a good idea

A Sehnsuchtsvoll Website

The fairness and insensitivity of this feels reassuring, like weather or death. Something I cannot change. Something that does not care about me.

My Half-Baked and Biased Plans to Make the World A Better Place

My Half-Baked and Biased Plans to Make the World A Better Place

by | Aug 3, 2017

I simply feel that I could make a few very small and practical changes that would improve our situation greatly.
10 / The Office will have ended when Jim and Pam got married.



I have never been so closely scrutinized for every word that comes out of my mouth as I have been this summer, nannying for a family with three children ages seven, eleven, and twelve.

Going Home

Going Home

And if I’m being honest, moving home does feel like a failure. I went out into the big wide world with a suitcase and a dream and came back empty-handed.

The Month of No Lying

The Month of No Lying

My encounter with “The Whole Truth” Diet taught me a lot more about my habits and relationship with reality.