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The Kingdom Belongs to Such as These

By mid morning, the classroom was really heating up. I turned on every available fan, shut off the the overhead lights, and opened the windows.

The Cast Iron Cult

You identify them by
their burnt fingertips.

Why I’m A Democrat

It has become part and parcel of political commentary to proclaim, usually in a grave and foreboding tone, that we have entered a “post-truth” society.

Melodrama: Lorde’s Patient Pop

Lorde made a name for herself taking down pop culture, but what would she do now that the world knew her name? Now that she was pop culture?

A Dramatic Reading of a Real Break Up Letter

Dear Anxiety,

It’s not me. It’s definitely you.

They Call Me Genleevia

Genleevia is a Level 97 Warrior. She rides proudly atop a golden gryphon and wields her morning star against foes like the Wind-Worker and Vice the Shadow Wyrm.

How Things Shake Out

How Things Shake Out

by | Jun 15, 2017

“Are you happy with how things shook out?” he asked me.

We Wanted the Entire World

We Wanted the Entire World

Someone would pass a six-pack of cold root beer up and all of us would lounge in a circle and talk about nothing, and it felt like everything.

Two Verses for Teachers

Two Verses for Teachers

Glory be to God for finished things—

Wonder Woman: A Review

Wonder Woman: A Review

I’ve never gone to a movie theater with the bar of expectations so low as I did for Wonder Woman.