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Harvey Weinstein and Strategic Sexual Assault

Who did he attack? Young women at the beginning of their careers—people over whom he had the most leverage and who had the least institutional recourse.

Protest and the Church

The first thing is that protest has a clear place in church tradition. The scriptures and church history testify to it.

On Conquering Fears

I am irrationally afraid of concrete horrors, like clowns and spiders and people impersonating Talking Elmo, but those veins of fear are hardly the heart of the matter.

All The World A Burden

After listening my alarm blare for five, ten, or twenty bleary minutes, I started to admire whoever designed the heinous tone.

Liner Notes with Abby

There are certain artists you just have to listen to at particular times of year.

Practical Advice for the Cursed

1. Be the curse. There is an admirable and horrifying impulse in the human heart to pretend that life is okay when it is not.

Still Hungry

Still Hungry

by | Oct 9, 2017

Lamb and lentils, red wine, pumpkin thing, red wine, red wine, cracker with stuff on it, red wine, sake. We stopped at Anna’s for a burrito, because no matter how good the food is, you always get hungry again.

Piano Hands

Piano Hands

My hands are social. They will say “I love you” before my mouth is ready.

Teaching Myself to Read

Teaching Myself to Read

I’m discovering that if one is to read aloud, one should pick up a murder mystery.

Settling for Less

Settling for Less

We can understand being present by distinguishing between two types of activities we engage in on a day-to-day basis: telic and atelic activities.