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Then MOses set OUT with JOSHua his AIDE. And MOses went UP the MOUNtain of GOD.

I Sing the Body Collective

At some level, isn’t that what individualism is all about? Being the hero. Saving the day. Who watches Han Solo blow up TIE fighters, and then decides he’d rather be the air traffic controller who directs X-wings to Yavin IV?

I Have a Problem

Hello, my name is Matt and I’m a gearaholic.

Atlases Shrugged

The first time I read Travels With Charley I learned, with great delight, that Steinbeck freely admitted to being a terrible navigator.

To Catch A Train

I took a train every morning in Budapest to a little café called Budapest Bagel: a bar and a bagel shop where I somehow received college credit to write short stories and read novels following a longstanding expatriate tradition.

Elements of a Good Meal

Food, I think, is more than a culinary experience. Memories of good meals carry the same aromatic nostalgia of campfire smoke and fondly remembered perfume.

The Backcountry Is Not a Wes Anderson Movie

The Backcountry Is Not a Wes Anderson Movie

by | Jul 29, 2015 | 3 comments

What if that’s how wilderness ends? When we forget its inherent value and stop listening to its story, we attempt to master it in control of our own narrative.

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