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What could be more beautiful, I thought, than to break bread with the person who almost ran you over? The wolf will live with the lamb, and a little child will lead them.

Scattered Moments

In the past month, I have slept in nine different beds, only three of which I consider (or considered) mine. I have traveled by plane, train, and automobile. And bicycle.

Tongue Ties

Between the cobblestones and the hills, nothing is level here in Perugia, Italy, and although I’ve wandered through almost all of the piazzas, vias, and alleys of the historical center, I still haven’t found a right angle.  Nothing is flat.  Nothing is straight. ...

Drivers Ed

Imagination can lead further than empathy, though. If I act upon empathy, if I stop grumbling about that huge SUV or the car that just cut me off and instead consider my fellow drivers as people with legitimate fears or beginners somewhat shaky on the road, then I accord them some grace.

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