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The Small Things That Scare Us

Ticks are tiny mini-monsters, basically the equivalent of the radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker except they carry Lyme disease and not superpowers.

I’m Not Part of Me

Though part of me might wince at how bildungsroman this all is, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s where I am. Besides, aren’t we always “coming of age”?

March Madness

Coach and player, mentor and mentee, human being and human being. It reminds me that sports, in the end, do not matter. But also that they do.

Dying of Thirst

I try and roll out of the fetal position and into some semblance of a standing straight-back stretch, but I can’t hold the stretch for long though, because like I said, I am dying of thirst.

Cambodia, Pt. 2

It is impossible to come back from that trip and not feel encouraged by what we saw and heard and encountered: a people standing upright and resolute, and new life filling the cracks.

The Darkness and the Light

If you’ve paid attention to end-of-the-year album lists, you’ve probably noticed a soft pink album with nine capitalized letters on its cover sitting somewhere near the top.

Cambodia, Pt. 1

I thought it might be interesting to write about the trip for this blog in two parts, the first now, roughly a month and a half before we depart, and the second after we return in January.

The Music Is Enough

At the time this post is published I will have jumped up and down with all the fanboy enthusiasm in my 23-year-old body.

The Idea and The Reality

On June 3, 2013, Jared Scripture moved in with us. Two things you might ask: 1) Is his last name really Scripture? 2) Who is “us”?

Power Crazy

Lately, my brother Drew and I talk a lot on two subjects: the NBA and hip-hop. We analyze the Pistons’ draft day maneuvers over text message: -WHAT? HOW COULD THEY NOT DRAFT TREY BURKE??- -Caldwell-Pope? Just what we need, another athletic wing player.- Or we discuss...