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For Better, For Worse

On our wedding night, Clarissa and I got a call from our roommates in North Carolina saying that our house had been robbed. Someone had thrown a brick through the kitchen window.

Revise, Revise

When an idea is still inside me and dormant, I can control it completely. Once I let the beast go, it seems much tamer and so much more trivial.

Silver and Gold

Friends who I can count on to read my work and respond sincerely to it. Friends for drinking coffee, for studying, for drinking a glass of wine while playing board games.


Whether you agree with Judge Friedman’s decision or not, it must be stated that the tides are turning on the fight for marriage equality.

No Place Like Home

That Perry Como song comes on the radio, and I’m a wreck because there really is no place like home, whether it’s for the holidays or any time of year.

Finding Myself

Because of these things, it is impossible for me to say that Calvin is an unaccepting place. However, I would never have felt safe being in a relationship with a woman while going to Calvin.

The Purpose of Writing

The entire class was given the mandate of answering the question, “What is the Purpose of Writing?” in ten words or less. Here are my eight words: To reflect and share humanity, good and bad.

Serenity at Some Point

There will be many events that happen which are completely out of my control. When those situations occur, the trick will be to let go while continuing to hold on.

An Effort in Self-Discovery

I want to practice my art, and if living on the edge of poverty is the price I have to pay, so be it. It has taken time for me to come to this conclusion, but a little post-Calvin life experience has helped me to realize the importance of writing in my life.

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