The Splinter Generation

Genres Accepted: fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Categories: Undergraduates/Young Authors

Medium: Online (often)



Tagline: An online generational literary compilation

Payment: None

About: The Splinter Generation is a forum by and for those born between 1973 and 1993, “a venue for writers, artists and musicians from all different backgrounds to tell the story of our generation.” “Splinter generation” is offered as an alternate to “Generation Y” and the plethora of other names applied to this age group.

Analysis: The Splinter Generation manages to feature a specific age group composed of young adults without turning into a venue for teenage rants and angst fests. There is some really ingenious work in here. And the people who began it are deep in idealism about the power of literature, something most of us writers at Calvin can relate to.

This is very much a web publication, open to the use of links, video, audio, or anything else the internet has to offer—an exploration of what literature might mean for our generation.

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Hekman Availability: Not available

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