Genres Accepted: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, audio, video, photography, visual art

Medium: Online (2/year)

Established: 2008


Tagline: truth / untruth / we don’t know and they won’t tell us

Payment: None (although they sincerely wish they could)


The idea behind this online journal is to expand the notion of what stories are while shaking up the labels the publishing world uses to define them. The editors want all kinds of stories in all different forms and mediums from energetic, interesting writers and thinkers engaged in both telling stories and considering what stories are. Rather than characterize by type of story, the three sections of the journal are Truth, Untruth, and We Don’t Know and They Won’t Tell Us, self-identified by the writers upon submission. From the editors: “Because we believe stories are lurking everywhere, we are actively looking for unique modes of storytelling that fall outside conventional boundaries while still maintaining the core essence of ‘story.’ Then again, we’re also open to a traditional story that’s simply very well told.”

Analysis: The editors writer on their submissions guideline page: “If you were wondering if you should submit a photograph of the poem you wrote with a sharpie marker on top of graffiti sprayed on a ripped up advertisement, the answer is probably yes. Or, you could just send us the poem you wrote. Get it?”

You might be taken aback with the open-endedness, but it’s true. Storyscape welcomes any submissions in any media so long as it tells a good story. It’s the perfect place to explore other writers’/artists’ unique ideas and to be inspired to branch out and be brave. Be adventurous when thinking of submitting to Storyscape!

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