Soft Blow

Genres Accepted: Poetry

Medium: Online (monthly)

Established: 2004


Tagline: For unswerving lovers of poetry

Payment: None

About: “Founded by Singapore-based poet Cyril Wong, SOFTBLOW has been a home for contemporary poetry from all over the world since Sep. 2004. From Nov. 2009, we have had a new selection and editorial team comprising Eric Low, Gwee Li Sui and Jason Wee.

“T.S. Eliot once stated that “it must be the small and obscure papers and reviews, those which are hardly read by anyone but their own contributors, that will keep critical thought alive and encourage authors of individual talent.” More than just another literary site featuring excellent work by such talents, SOFTBLOW also hopes to better focus the eye back on the poem. This journal does not pretend to exist for a general reading audience. It is for unswerving lovers of poetry who also appreciate how far poetry has come over time.”


Calvin Connection: Calvin grad Jake Schepers (’12) has published in Soft Blow

Hekman Availability: Not available (full publication online at Soft Blow‘s website)

Submission Instructions

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