Genres Accepted: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, reviews

Categories: Calvin Connection, Religious Publications

Medium: Print and Online (10/year)

Established: 1986

Circulation: 2,000, plus 2,800 additional online readers.

Tagline: A journal of theology in the broad Reformed tradition

Payment: 5 copies of journal

About: Perspectives seeks to engage issues of Reformed Christians, and its readers are those who “want to engage in Reformed theological reflection on faith and culture.” They encourage contributions from students and emerging writers.

“We publish scholarly and general interest articles (up to 3000 words), including spiritual autobiography (up to 3000 words), editorial commentary (up to 1500 words), fiction (up to 3000 words), book and film reviews (up to 1200 words). In addition, we publish Inside Out (brief Biblical reflection/commentary, up to 600 words), and “As We See It” (reflections on faith/culture, 500-750 words). We discourage extensive use of footnotes or academic jargon and seldom run multi-part features. We also publish poetry that is excellent in craft and significant in subject, both traditional and free in form, that explores and celebrates life in the Creation.”

Analysis: Perspectives is composed mainly of articles and essays, but publishes some poetry in each issue. This publication is heavily tied to the Reformed tradition, coming out of the RCA and engaging all Reformed thought.

Calvin Connection: As of 2009, Calvin professor James Bratt was Perspectives co-editor. Professor Debra Rienstra served on the Perspectives board of editors, and professors Roy Anker, Christiana de Groot, and Jennifer Holberg acted as contributing editors. Calvin Seminary President Cornelius Plantinga Jr. also acted as contributing editor.

Hekman Availability: Available in print

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