Genres Accepted: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, interview

Categories: Religious Publications, Very Prestigious

Medium: Print (4/year)

Established: 1989

Circulation: 4,500

Tagline: A journal of the arts and religion

Payment: $10/page, $200 max for all prose; $2/line, $150 max for poetry.

About: The mission of Image magazine is to explore the conjunction between faith and imagination, religion and art. In a culture that is becoming increasingly open to exploring spirituality, Image is committed to artistic excellence and religious truth, speaking both to the church and to the secular world. In this, Image has becoming a nationally recognized and esteemed publication.

Image is quoted in Writer’s Market as advising, “We seek well-crafted essays, stories and poetry that use language in new and surprising ways and engage with timeless themes, like grace, redemption, and incarnation.”

Analysis: Image is a very prestigious religious publication. It is highly unlikely that an undergraduate student writer would be accepted for publication. Even so, it is a publication well worth reading and absorbing.

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Hekman Availability: Available in print

Submission Instructions

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