Genres Accepted: Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Art, Design

Medium: Print (2/year)

Established: 2005

Circulation: NA

Tagline: Reimagining Place

Payment: NA

About: Ecotone, founded in 2005 and published at UNC Wilmington, is a semiannual journal that seeks to reimagine place. Each issue brings together the literary and the scientific, the personal and the biological, the urban and the rural. An ecotone is a transition zone between two adjacent ecological communities, containing the characteristic species of each. It is therefore a place of danger or opportunity, a testing ground. We embrace and celebrate these ecotones by breaking out of the pen of the purely literary and wandering freely among the disciplines. Our goal is to publish a vibrant rather than docile literature of place. You won’t find the hushed tones and clichés of much of so-called nature writing in our pages.”

Analysis: “Much of the writing published follows a loose interpretation of Ecotone’s themes: borders and boundaries between the natural world and the human world. However, they are not exclusively a nature journal, and pieces about nature do not have an inherent advantage in the selection process. The primary goal of Ecotone is to conjoin the sciences and the humanities in a way not seen elsewhere, to break out of the pen of the purely literary and wander freely between the disciplines. In order to do that, we choose dynamic and original writing that fits our aesthetic, regardless of subject matter.”

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