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What Sounds Fun?

It’s as if the freedom to have fun was traded in exchange for my college diploma.

Straw Into Gold

Was this an encounter with some forest guardian, a mountain sprite who hikes miles through the misty mountains and sips water at hidden springs?

One Year in 23S

When I walk through the blue door, now it feels like a home—my home.

Fear Factor

I mean honestly, I cried the entire eight-hour car ride to college (shout out to my parents who kept driving).

M is for Music City

Can I carry around a sign that reads: “I’m new here”? Can I attend the adult version of Cokes and Clubs?  

Take Me To Church

By the time Church came out with his second album, I was already calling him my favorite artist.

Nashville, in the Moment

Nashville, in the Moment

by | Jan 5, 2019 | 0 comments

The most interesting places felt quiet, frozen, and deeply layered.

Boersma Girls Backpack: An Experiment in Photojournalism

Boersma Girls Backpack: An Experiment in Photojournalism

Gollums in caves. Rolled down Smartwools. Disposable camera flash. #SB2k13.

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