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Church Shopping in Cologne

Finding a local church is crucial. Shopping for one isn’t.

Reflections on Cologne: Changed and Unchanged

Böll wrote prolifically about his city. I thought to turn to him for two thoughts about Cologne and what makes it distinct.

Pizza and Other Memories

Innamorato operates on its own timeline, hardly accountable to anything but the desire of its owner to make good pies.

Translating Karneval

I’ve only lived through three Karnevals, so I’d like to leave you with three thoughts on a holiday I’ve come to know, but not yet understand.

Tilt Shift

But some of the biggest edits often go unnoticed, like the tilt shift, which wholly alters the picture’s presentation. I asked Geli whether these tactics are deceptive, especially to novices like me. Are your pictures presenting the truth?

The Literal German Word

I was satisfied in my decision. There was thrill in riding without a ticket. And I was convinced that what I was doing was right. I was in line with the spirit of the law, even if the law had no spirit.

For whom the rooster crows

For whom the rooster crows

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There are other surmised explanations for the rooster’s place on church steeples, but this account seems the most plausible to me.

Crossing German streets

Crossing German streets

Life as an expat can be categorized according to two phenomena: experiences that reinforce the expat’s sense of belonging to her heritage and experiences that point to a shift in identity.

Eating Schnitzel in Germany

Eating Schnitzel in Germany

Thus, dousing your schnitzel in gravy is a gastronomical shot in the foot, tantamount to putting ice cream in the oven.

A Dispatch from Cologne, 13 Months In

A Dispatch from Cologne, 13 Months In

We joked about casseroles and politeness and the American Midwest. Then he asked me how I like Cologne.

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