Genres Accepted: fiction, poetry

Categories: Coolness Factor

Medium: Print (1/year)

Established: 1993

Circulation: 1,500

Tagline: New England’s tiniest magazine of poetry, fiction, and gracious living

Payment: $10 and up

About: The editor writes, “Button is New England’s tiniest magazine of poetry, fiction, and gracious living, published once a year. As ‘gracious living’ is on the cover, we like wit, brevity, clearly-conceived essay/recipe, poetry that isn’t sentimental or song lyrics. I started Button so that a century from now, when people read it in landfills or, preferably, libraries, they’ll say, ‘Gee, what a great time to have lived. I wish I lived back then.’”

Button buys very few manuscripts each year, and is only about 10% freelance written. Button contributors have also published in such venues as the New YorkerAtlantic MonthlyThe New York TimesHarpers, and more.

Writer’s Market suggests personal experience and cooking stories, and quality fiction and poetry. Buttondoes not want “the tired, the trite, the sexist, the multiply-folded, the single-spaced, the sentimental, the self-pitying, the swaggering, the infantile (i.e., coruscated whimsy and self-conscious quaint), poems about Why You Can’t Be Together and stories about How Complicated Am I. Before you send us anything, sit down and read a poem by Stanley Kunitz or a story by Evelyn Waugh, Louisa May Alcott, or anyone who’s visited the poles, and if you still think you’ve written a damn fine thing, have at it. A word-count on the top of the page is fine—a copyright or ‘all rights reserved’ reminder makes you look like a beginner.”

A sampling of past published pieces is available on Button’s website.

Analysis: Button is not easy to get into, but it’s such a cool little publication. And it proclaims, “Follow the guidelines, make sure you read your work aloud, and don’t inflate or deflate your publications and experience. We’ve published plenty of new folks, but on the merits of the work.”

Read the online sampler, then be inspired and write your own tiny piece. Pieces in the sampler include brief essays, short poems, and even a piece with a recipe.

Calvin Connection:

Hekman Availability: Not available

Submission Instructions

Request writers guidelines with a self-addressed, stamped envelope.
Submit 1 prose piece 300-2,000 words.
Submit up to 3 poems 300-2,000 words.
Allow 2 months response time.
Submit only between April 1 and October 31.

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