The Allegheny Review

Genres Accepted: fiction, nonfiction, poetry

Categories: Undergraduates/Young Authors

Medium: Print (1/year)



Tagline: A national journal of undergraduate literature

Payment: $5 entry fee, $250 prize for best poetry and best prose.

About: The Allegheny Review is published annually out of Allegheny College. The staff is composed of undergraduate students, though a professional writer judges the literature prizes.

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Analysis: The Allegheny Review seems almost more like a contest than a publication, with the entry fee and prize. It is unique in that all the pieces in it are written by undergraduate students. I found it impossible to get a real sense of what is published in the Review, because it is not available online or through Calvin. All that is available is a selection of three pieces from the 2006 writing contest, one each of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. I did not find them particularly remarkable, in either a positive or negative way. I enjoyed the poem, a string of tercets written to a birth mother. I was distracted in reading the fiction piece by a rather remarkable number of typos, and my computer struggled with the text formatting of the nonfiction piece. Still, I like the idea of an undergraduate journal.

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Hekman Availability: Not available

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