One year ago, Donald J. Trump was elected president of these United States.  Since then, he has been viciously attacked in the mainstream media.  Derided as incompetent.  Plagued by scandal.  A lame-duck in his first year with no prospect of accomplishing anything other than hamstringing the Republican party for the next twenty years.

Or so you think.  Reality is far different than what is being shown on your televisions.  Scrolling through numerous subreddits, /pol/ threads, and various Twitter feeds, it is possible to follow the breadcrumbs to something close to the truth.  The coming weeks are going to bring seismic changes to America and the world at large.  It has already started in Saudi Arabia.  What follows is a glimpse behind the curtain.

Everything you know is wrong.  Everything you believe about the world is false.  Everything happens for a reason, no matter how small or insignificant.  Everything is controlled by a cabal of elite billionaires and trillionaires coming from a few prominent families.  This cabal encompasses the Deep State, the World Bank, controls the U.N., the Intelligence Community, the Media.  Those who aren’t a part of it willingly are blackmailed into silence, coerced into furthering the cabal’s agenda.

But a faction is fighting back.  Donald Trump was recruited by a faction of military intelligence operatives to help bring down this cabal.  To drain the swamp, as he so eloquently put it.  And here is how he is doing it.

Almost immediately upon taking office, Trump and the election came under investigation.  There have been several high profile resignations, and indictments are now being handed out.  To the untrained eye, it appears that Trump’s entire presidency is in jeopardy, his cabinet on the verge of collapse.  But this is all just a ruse to lure Trump’s enemies into a false sense of security.

In actuality, special counsel Robert Mueller is allied with President Trump.  Although it appears he has been investigating President Trump and his inner circle, he is in fact using that as an excuse to really investigate members of this shadowy cabal such as Hillary Clinton, her campaign manager John Podesta, and former president Barack Obama.

Their crimes?  Treason!  During Obama’s tenure as president, both he and Hillary sold out our country to the highest bidder.  They sold uranium to the Russians, took massive bribes from members of the Saudi royal family, and helped fund ISIS.  Moreover, they are involved in child abduction, sex slavery, and satanic rituals.

In the next couple of days, Trump and Mueller will deliver a stunning coup-de-grace: mass arrests of high profile politicians and media personalities. Their crimes will be exposed to the American public, and Trump will be vindicated as a hero.


If you look at any conspiracy website, this is essentially the narrative you will find.  Some version of Trump as a patriotic genius locked in 4D chess against an evil, shadowy cabal.  A game of moves and countermoves, deceptions and bluffs, where the fate of the world is the ultimate prize.

On a certain level, I see the appeal of conspiracy theories.  At their core, conspiracy theories ascribe meaning and order to chaos and provide wish-fulfillment in a world of disappointment.  Rather than Trump being wildly incompetent, he is in fact a patriotic savant fighting for truth and justice.  His election wasn’t a fluke, but a well-executed coup by the good guys.  And soon, evil will be struck down, with the bad guys getting their comeuppance for all their myriad sins.

Sometimes, it is easier to accept a convoluted web of contradictory conspiracy theories than to face the reality that life is random and disappointing.

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