Our theme for the month of October was selected by readers and is a format challenge: write a post completely in dialogue.

Terry <Terry@socialserviceagency.org> Tuesday at 12:42 PM
To: Barbara, Erica, Kelsey, Brenda

I’m reporting all of you to HR. This is a disgrace.

On Tuesday at 12:35 PM Kelsey <kelsey@socialserviceagency.org> wrote:

Thanks for the apology, Barb. It hurts to be poked fun at for doing what I love, so I hope you can forgive my sort of passive-aggressive, petulant responses earlier. I won’t do that anymore, either.
Erica, an unrelated heads up: if you smell dog shit all day, check your own shoes.

On Tuesday at 12:35 PM Erica <erica@socialserviceagency.org>wrote:

lol now who’s the try-hard

On Tuesday at 12:21 PM Barb <barb@socialserviceagency.org> wrote:

I’m really sorry for calling you a Try-Hard. It’s stupid of me to make fun of someone for being passionate and enthusiastic about their work. I promise it won’t happen again.
If you want to talk, I’ll be back in the office after lunch.

On Tuesday at 11:13 AM Kelsey <kelsey@socialserviceagency.org> wrote:

User Error

On Tuesday at 11:11 AM Barb <barb@socialserviceagency.org> wrote:


On Tuesday at 11:08 AM Kelsey <kelsey@socialserviceagency.org> wrote:

I have a suggestion.

On Tuesday at 11:05 AM Barb <barb@socialserviceagency.org> wrote:

Well shit. What do we do now?

On Tuesday at 10:44 AM Brenda <brenda@socialserviceagency.org> wrote:

Ladies, this is incredibly unprofessional. You should apologize to Kelsey immediately. I’m going to be talking to your supervisors about this.

On Tuesday at 10:38 AM Erica <erica@socialserviceagency.org>wrote:


On Tuesday at 10:35 AM Barb <barb@socialserviceagency.org> wrote:

Okay…so you reply-all’d this time.

On Tuesday at 10:28 AM Erica <erica@socialserviceagency.org>wrote:

Ohh, here’s a fun game. Ask me if I care and I’ll tell you exactly how much I don’t.

On Tuesday at 10:16 AM Barb <barb@socialserviceagency.org> wrote:

Well damn. What do we do now? She’s going to hate both of us, you know. You insulted her too. We’re in this together.

On Tuesday at 10:14 AM Erica <erica@socialserviceagency.org>wrote:

lmao of course she did. Tomorrow’s staff meeting is going to be AWKward!

On Tuesday at 10:12 AM Barb <barb@socialserviceagency.org> wrote:

Do you think she noticed?

On Tuesday at 10:12 AM Barb <erica@socialserviceagency.org> wrote:

Oh shit.

On Tuesday at 10:08 AM Barb <erica@socialserviceagency.org> wrote:

lol you know you replied all, right?

On Tuesday at 10:05 AM Kelsey <kelsey@socialserviceagency.org> wrote:

Yes, I’m on the committee. I’ll make a note about the gluten. Thanks for the heads up.

On Tuesday at 9:58 AM Barb <barb@socialserviceagency.org> wrote:

Hey Kels!
You’re on the planning committee, right? Do you guys take dietary restrictions into consideration when you’re planning the food? Do you know who I can talk to about that?

On Tuesday at 9:57 AM Barb <barb@socialserviceagency.org> wrote:

Don’t police my eating habits, miss “I went Keto for a whole minute and it changed my life.”
Here, let me just copy her on the other email about the gluten thing.

On Tuesday at 9:52 AM Erica <erica@socialserviceagency.org>wrote:

Yeah, Kelsey is definitely on the committee. You can bet your ass she’s on every unpaid extra thing this company allows. I have never heard the phrase Try-Hard before, but that’s perfect. Thank you.
I didn’t even know you were gluten free. You should tell her before Tuesday.
Didn’t you have pasta for lunch?

On Tuesday at 9:43 AM Barb <barb@socialserviceagency.org> wrote:

I have one suggestion: don’t invite Terry. If I have to spend another night smelling his drunken breath while he compliments me on my “ugly christmas sweater,” I swear I will update my resume.
Isn’t Kelsey on the party planning committee or whatever? I feel like she’s too much of a Try-Hard to pass up something like that. I hope she remembers I’m gluten free so I can eat something other than a fruit cup this year.

On Tuesday at 9:39 AM Erica <erica@socialserviceagency.org>wrote:

The use of Office Space hits too close to home.
Where the hell did Brenda learn about memes, anyway?

On Tuesday at 9:28 AM Barb <barb@socialserviceagency.org> wrote:

Oh God.
Cue the cringe.

On Tuesday at 9:16 AM Brenda <brenda@socialserviceagency.org> wrote:

Good Morning, Everyone!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s that time of the year again: HOLIDAY PARTY TIME!

The Social Committee will be meeting in the main conference room on Thursday at 10, so be sure to get your (tasteful, inexpensive, reasonable) suggestions into the box in the break room.

Thanks and Happy Tuesday!


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