Our theme for October is “Why I Believe.”

If you had all the facts all the fictions,
If you knew everything about science and all about religion,
Would you stand by your convictions ?
Would you still make the right decisions?
Would you accept someone else’s opinions in this life?

I’ve read all the books
And I still don’t have all the answers
And that’s fine whatever it takes to get you by

Because it’s all a leap of faith
From white plastic saints to
To all those hard questions you have to face
Every single day

Less Than Jake | Showbiz? Science? Who Cares?

I often wonder about my beliefs and convictions.  Am I simply a product of my upbringing?  My surroundings?  Was I born into the world a blank slate with no preconceptions?  Were my belief cemented in me at a young age?  Just how much have my beliefs changed over the years?  Just how much can a person’s beliefs truly change?

(And on and on and on….)

I know the answer to some of those questions.

I believe some things because I genuinely think they are true.
(Seinfeld is a terrible show, and everyone who likes it has moronic tastes.)

I believe in some things because they are trite and don’t matter.
(My cat Marco is literally the cutest, bestest cat of all time.)

I believe some things because I choose to believe them.
(If every single eligible person in America voted their true convictions, we wouldn’t be stuck in this binary Republican/Democrat hellhole.)

I believe some things because it is easier than wrestling with the hard questions.
(My agnosticism is a cop out.)

I believe some things because the alternative scares me.
(I can and will beat my addiction.)

In the end, however, I believe a lot of things because I have to, and I try to make an educated guess.  But at the end of the day, it is all a leap of faith.  And I try to believe in things that give me comfort.  Or at the very least, help me function in a fucked up world.

Maybe that is a glib, simplistic answer. Like The Buzzcocks sang—I believe what I believe in!

Why do I believe?

I believe so that I can get by and live my life.

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