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On Owning Guns

Whenever I tell people about this hunting trip, about my family’s tradition for the past ten years, I share it with a blend of defiance, pride, and defensiveness.

A Goodness

A few days later I was back in Seattle and it felt like coming home, like jumping into your bed’s cold sheets and warming them as you fall asleep. I feel bad about that, for loving two places at once.

Still, Still, Still Simmering

Wildfires ravage and Irma bears down and nuclear tests keep happening, and I am heavy bored.

With Spies Like This, Who Needs Russia?

OBJECTIVE: Gather information, determine daily movements of subject

You’re More Loving Than You Think You Are

Will cried when the sentences turned to me. “I’m just going to say one thing,” he said, and he had to stop for a while. “Because you’ll know what I mean by it,” and he had to stop again.


I was once told the way that my eyebrows slope down symbolizes wisdom, but it looks like sadness, which might be the same thing.

How Everything Felt

How Everything Felt

by | Apr 14, 2017

So much of poetry is naming things.

Adventures in Groceryland

Adventures in Groceryland

I know which cashier is the fastest, which one is the nicest, and which one packs my reusable grocery bags like her own personal Tetris championship.



I recently discovered the healthy, frugal, “have my shit together” magic known as a crockpot, specifically, a brown-and-tan, floral relic from my parents’ wedding that in a roundabout Oedipal way, led to the traumatization of my penis.

Postcards from Queer Camp

Postcards from Queer Camp

There’s nothing like bustling down the baking needs aisle with a week’s supply of Oreos yelling out for “Anthill!” to make you realize you’re not currently leading a traditional life.