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The Amish Stinkeye, Hobbit Habits, and Why I Love Geography

This is where I ultimately decide I could not be Amish; I simply love travel and experiences too much.

Home Alone

As it turns out, bad habits don’t evaporate just because there’s nobody around to witness them.

Freshman Orientation

Will Montei made me feel infinitely better about moving to college and leaving everyone behind, simply because no matter how sad and alone I felt, at least I wasn’t him.

Spring Break 2005: Chillermania

“Chillermania,” I whispered to myself with reverence. “The World Headquarters.” My heart leapt with excitement.

Adventures in Groceryland

I know which cashier is the fastest, which one is the nicest, and which one packs my reusable grocery bags like her own personal Tetris championship.

The Potterville Curse

The timeline suggests Potterville is overdue for another disaster. The Potterville Curse is alive and well.

The Other Side Again

The Other Side Again

by | Mar 12, 2017

And so here I am, standing still in the eye of a hurricane, the confluence of these memories, documents, and moments of déjà vu swirling every which way.

Maybe I Should Care More

Maybe I Should Care More

On Thursday, February 16, production came to a grinding halt at the greenhouse because most of my coworkers took a personal day for the nationwide protest, “A Day Without Immigrants.”

The Legendary Life of Étienne Brûlé

The Legendary Life of Étienne Brûlé

Étienne Brûlé sat down for his quarterly review in a loincloth and moccasins, chuckling to himself in Algonquin about the foolishness of imperialism.

On Ice Climbing and John Prine

On Ice Climbing and John Prine

Spend the next four years, and hopefully not eight, dear God hopefully not eight, fighting for those wild and important places.