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‘Dracula, the Musical?’ (A Review)

Throughout the performance, I can understand eighty percent of what he says and forty percent of what he sings because, well … because of his teeth.

I Took a Cedar-Strip Canoe Down the Most Dangerous River in Michigan

The Pine required constant vigilance and dexterity; every second taken to observe bald eagles or apply sunscreen came with a price: frantic paddling and overcorrection.

I’ll Make a Man Out of Me

This week, I decided to spend a day allowing society (a.k.a. the internet) to tell me exactly how I should be a man. For one day I would dress, drink, and spend my time how the cyber arbiters of masculinity determined.

I Found Michigan’s Abandoned Dinosaur Park

I come to a dead end and turn around in defeat. I have officially walked every visible path I can find in this park, and the T. rex is nowhere to be found. I begin walking back.

You Can’t Destroy Me: A Comprehensive Memoir of the Legacy of Dort Thomas Teddy

After one too many flings into the pond, rainy nights left outside, and one malicious dirt-biking incident involving my older cousin Adam, Dort looked like your typical horror movie puppet.

I Tried to Read Infinite Jest in Two Months and Failed Miserably

But that Saturday, while I was still in bed, I got another call from my mom. I knew from her first word the reason she was calling. Very early that morning, my grandfather had died in his sleep. I wept.

The Amish Stinkeye, Hobbit Habits, and Why I Love Geography

The Amish Stinkeye, Hobbit Habits, and Why I Love Geography

by | May 26, 2017

This is where I ultimately decide I could not be Amish; I simply love travel and experiences too much.

Home Alone

Home Alone

As it turns out, bad habits don’t evaporate just because there’s nobody around to witness them.

Freshman Orientation

Freshman Orientation

Will Montei made me feel infinitely better about moving to college and leaving everyone behind, simply because no matter how sad and alone I felt, at least I wasn’t him.

Spring Break 2005: Chillermania

Spring Break 2005: Chillermania

“Chillermania,” I whispered to myself with reverence. “The World Headquarters.” My heart leapt with excitement.