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A Series of Honest Postcards

There is something about watching people pick out spaghetti sauce, and knowing they will cook and eat a meal together, leave dirty dishes in a sink together, that makes me ache.

Nothing Goes as Planned

Last fall, my much-delayed Megabus dropped me off in Chinatown at 2:30 a.m. I had seven percent battery life, four dollars in cash, and no idea how to get to Brooklyn.

La La Life

Mia, waitress, wants to be an actor; Sebastian, broke musician, wants to own a jazz club. But La La Land’s biggest tension happens outside the screen: an unspoken, unreferenced standoff between itself and the twenty-first century.

Family Portraits

In the evening we venture out into the city that she has called “the armpit of California” and find a place to procure some burritos. As we eat, Aunt Ellen tells me about her world travels.

Airport Purgatory

Of course, it’s unfair to judge a culture based on experiences in airport terminals.

The Comfort of Discontent

“I know this sounds potentially ungrateful, but I don’t really know if I see my work as significant.”

Disaster Diaries

Disaster Diaries

by | Aug 17, 2015

But imagine what would happen to Los Angeles if an earthquake knocked out the electrical grid for a month. Plenty of hell can break loose in thirty desperate days.

The Golden Age is…Now?

The Golden Age is…Now?

What I wouldn’t give to walk the halls of Downton Abbey in the early 20th century, drink tea with Jane Austen, or ride a train down the coast of California with John Steinbeck.

Power Crazy Redux

See the thing about power is, God, we love to critique it but when it’s ours, we hold that shit so tightly it would cost us our life to let go.

Let Go and Let It Grow

Let Go and Let It Grow

Why was I so afraid of losing this thing? I thought of it as Sampson’s hair—when I grew it, I scored more goals in hockey, hit harder, was a better leader, made better jokes, talked to more girls…