Relief Journal

Genres Accepted: fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, reviews, images + graphic narratives

Medium: Print and digital (2/year)

Established: 2006


Tagline: For authors who cry out for an appropriate venue and readers who long for stories that don’t make them gag, we present Relief.

Payment: $2 submission fee, complimentary contributor’s copy and discount rate to purchase extra copies.

About: The goal of this publication is to pursue a complete picture of Christ and life –- real, gritty, painful, wonderful, this-side-of-heaven life.  In an effort to never offend, too many Christian publications fail to express the power of a real Christ in a real world, opting instead for clichés and placating expressions of the ideal.  Relief seeks to bridge the gap between mainstream fiction and cotton-candy Christianity.  Christ’s goal was never to keep us sheltered and comfortable.  He did not pull his punches.  The primary measuring stick for good Christian writing cannot continue to be safety.  It must be skill – the ability to expose what is real, express it eloquently, punch the reader.


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