Every day, every day new… Hot too hot water on tender morning skin—enjoy it red along and itch enjoy. Wait well and long. Will the day be good, I ask, and longer? Enjoy it—coffee burn and morning porcelain with the news or book or nothing, nothing. I lift thoughts to God. I lift thoughts to all below and all below I am in empty cup chipped, and again, empty of now amen. Notice and enjoy  Look! Light on thousands of boats with glinting transcend oh maybe feels beauty. See this place is good

not good anymore. Feel my hands on the wheel needs to be clean—sticky. There are kids waiting for you in the classroom waiting for you and give something life to them today. Smell the paper, sharpened peelings, whiteboard mess to use today or watch them not care? Remember nanosecond possibilities all that good love they need forget.

Turn right turned.

Is it art am I making art where wet pavement—sunlight on pavement—sunlight glistening—glazing—washed—glancing pavement. Like? Still eyes following? This is God is here is God is long and far—old sunlight, wet pavement, broken, whole broken thoughts. No nothing. Students know.

Deep breath like everyone else, I am everyone else. Students know can’t I love them. They know I can’t know I’m trying. All that young in-the-moment young I am can’t not. Other teachers grade and care and write lessons and care and students know I can’t I’m trying. Do they know I love them do they nothing is done, no grades, no lesson, no learning, nothing is done. Who can remind us the difference between a simile and a metaphor? I can’t I try they know they laugh  I’m withering with love them. Every day, every day a new opportunity—not yours I am not sadly yours.

They know I don’t read enough write enough care. Ah, sunlight, ah, and is it red or green? All the sunlight is loud, yes, loud. Gently along. Up the hill. Gently along. Can I do this forever I wonder forever. Can I grade, not write, goodbye, not write, goodbye, grade, not write, goodbye I can’t. Family loves why what? Nothing I am not yours I can’t I’m trying.

Feel important about this please God please. Am I yours are you pleased I’m not? Are you please is this beautiful I’m not? Will I always? Unravel? The great I am not yours I am not yours I can’t I’m trying amen.

I am thinking I’m inside it all beautiful the atom beautiful in them. Door and Good morning, Mr. Montei. Good morning you are more and too much! No enjoy them. Enjoy their words ink graphite word. Notice they are young all tender. They are waiting for to teach to help you need more than me there’s better  Morning class! Please give me your attention please I love you I know I am not

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