When I tell people I have four brothers, usually they respond with, “Oh, your poor mother.” While my siblings are hardly flawless, they are mostly great. Of course, they would never tout themselves—that honor is mine. They are certainly worth it. This is their celebration.


The idea for this piece has been rustling throughout my head several years. Putting it into words proved challenging. I know you, spent my whole life knowing you. But describing you? Introducing you to the world with nothing but my words wrapping the true gift that is each of you? It was a task I was hesitant to take. There could never be enough words to depict you perfectly—but perhaps I can manage enough sentiment. 

Kyle: Firstborn, who took the responsibility when it favored you. Things never quite went your way, but in my memories, all I can hear is your laughter. That soaring, roaming cadence that shakes you like an earthquake, unceasing, until everyone’s laughter breaks free.

You are an entity difficult to comprehend, an embodiment of a world entirely your own. For those patient and willing enough to give you a chance, you never disappointed. Joy and hilarity clasped in your hands. 

You were my first role model, my first obstacle, and though you probably needed me more than I needed you, to me your legacy was priceless. I couldn’t follow you, even if I wanted. Your reckless charge through life was more cautionary tale than divine revelation, but it was worth watching. It still is.

To those close to your heart you are dedicated, passionate, and trustworthy. While that might be a small circle, its depth is unquestionable. Once something is in your sight, it goes straight to your heart, then traipses its way to your mind, never to leave. No never stopped you. Consequence rarely scared you. Your goal was always before you; you only needed to get to it.

You are clay and cairn. He who is Eternity’s list, Spring’s accomplice, Magic’s enforcer. Dreamer. Evoker. Pioneer.

Kelvyn: Middleborn, whose savvy navigation of people, life, and circumstances has garnered you the attention and affection of all who’ve done more than collide with you. You were the perfect child: kind, obedient, compassionate, serving, humble. You avoid conflict like a plague and barely stumbled into trouble.

You knew yourself, your strengths and weaknesses, and charted a path. And knowing how poor you are at travelling, you cultivated companions to travel with you. With those companions, your path has grown higher. To say the stars are within your grasp is no exaggeration.

Despite your wanderings, you have always remained true to yourself, honoring and developing the seeds rooted within you. You are equally true to those around you, friend or stranger. It never mattered. You see people as they are and what they could be and love them regardless. Your gentleness granted them the opportunity to also grow, something in which you always delight.

Such keenness of awareness is undeniably admirable. It has shaped your self-awareness, encompasses those around you, and even extends into the spiritual. I have always respected your understanding, your grasp of the world around you, both seen and unseen. It has benefitted me on many occasions, as you are one of the few people to understand me, even when I don’t desire it.

You are brook and breeze. He who is rainbow’s pride, Nature’s accompanist, blanket’s embrace. Harmonizer. Shiner. Reacher.

Kendyle: Fourthborn who possesses no remarkable traits. You aren’t the funny one, or the smart one, or the creative one, the handsomest, or even the youngest. You’re merely there. That in itself is remarkable. You weathered all the teasing and mocking thrown at you, remaining solid and good. Moreover, you learned to defend yourself, and more importantly, others.

Greatness never appealed to you. Instead, you mastered the little things. Helping with chores around the house, befriending those without friends, lending a hand where needed, letting others have the space necessary to be themselves. Your reliability and work ethic are strong, strong enough to match the sweetest and gentlest heart—a heart more people should imitate.

Nothing seems to ruffle you. You are content to live life, one day at a time, and enjoy it. You do not hurry or worry. You calmly accept what has been given to you, no questions, no complaints. Your mellow outlook makes it easy to work with you and get along with you. You have more to offer than what most people would assume from looks and history alone. “Unremarkable” in another light is simply “undiscovered potential.”

You are crystal and cave. He who is boulder’s thought, Fortune’s player, struggle’s solace. Champion. Proder. Remainder.

Kameryan: Finalborn who bears all his predecessors’ excess. All your life has been spent following your brothers. Fortunately, you were a fast learner. Better still, you are a discerning learner. You saw all the qualities of your elders, what worked and what didn’t, and emulated them. And because you’re so darn-stinking adorable, you escaped censure. Mostly.

Armed with knowledge and suffused with the boundless energy of youth, you have invested yourself into a bevy of people, places, and things. Unsurprisingly, you are thriving. Your versatility suits your situations, furthering your outreach and gaining needed experience. People recognize you, recognize your skills, and become willing to invest in you.

Despite your few years, you are a figure to be reckoned with. Whatever circumstances you find yourself in, you meet it head on. You can be funny, caring, philosophical, and so much more. Those around you, the ones you have amassed, always feel secure and blessed. To this point, you may have been a follower, but that has perfectly situated you to lead. Your willingness to attempt new things, listen to criticism, and rely on others will serve you well as you continue to discover more things to do, which gradually become more things you can do.

You are steel and storm. He who is drama’s dancer, technology’s follower, quality’s dresser. Charmer. Zinger. Assimilator.

Ita scripsit Kyricus, qui celeris manus,

He who is stone and sky,who is star’s trail, rain’s promise, and silence’s shade.

Watcher. Bearer. Crafter. Keeper.



  1. Rebecca Salyer

    This is so beautifully written, and speaks so much truth. You are such a delight, and I am so happy to call you all my family. ❤️

    • Kyric Koning

      Aw, thanks Becks! We’re glad you’re part of the family too! Love you.

  2. Laura Sheppard

    How difficult to describe the people you’ve known longest! This is just lovely – thank you for sharing your family with us.

    • Kyric Koning

      Fortunately I’ve been thinking about writing this for three or four years, so a lot of the ground work was already paved. Thank you for consistently taking the time to comment. I appreciate it.

  3. Sandy Sheppard

    What a wonderful tribute to your brothers. I grew up with three sisters and no brothers. This post made me wonder, “Could I describe them in such a way that readers would know them and yet not know them?” Thank you!

    • Kyric Koning

      Thank you! It’s a nice balance, don’t you think? Even with the people that we know, we don’t necessarily know everything! Maybe you could do a little something of your own? A journal, a card? I’m sure they would appreciate it.

  4. Kate K

    Every time I read one of your works, I am blown away at how wonderful a wordsmith you are. Talented in the extreme.

  5. Alex Johnson

    While all of this piece was beautiful, I particularly like how you close each description. Families are messy and complicated but are also thriving ecosystem where each person has their place. Thanks for displayong yours so beautifully.

    • Kyric Koning

      Thank you! I’ve had several bouts of praise for the closing sentences. I had several reasons for writing it that way and am pleased that it apparently worked well.


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