In my end of year reflection, I noticed I hadn’t cleared my browser history in a while. Before I did, I typed each letter of the alphabet into my address bar to see what Firefox would autofill. These are the websites starting with each letter of the alphabet I’ve visited the most in the past year and a half.


A –

This is a fanfiction website. Look, sometimes a guy just needs to read about how two background characters in Ted Lasso are in love but, because they’re minor characters, the show won’t ever develop it.

B –

The Pokemon wiki comes in handy when you’re not sure how to evolve a Stantler into a Wrydeer (use Psyshield Bash 20 times with an agile style) or what level Sandile learns Crunch (27).

C –

D –

CollegeHumor’s streaming service is probably the one I recommend the most highly. I reliably watch everything they release, am thoroughly entertained, and it feels like the most bang for my buck.

E –

F –

I’ve been trying to cut back on this one, but nothing has risen to replace it yet.

G –

#2 Support your libraries folks—they provide so much.

H –

Homestuck is a story that pushes the boundaries of using the internet as a storytelling medium. It also has a lot of problematic content. It’s a work that’s stayed with me since I started it, and I’m not surprised it’s here, since I do a podcast talking about it.

I – IT’S HARD AND NOBODY UNDERSTANDS v.028.docx – Google Drive

An annotation on Homestuck by author Fletcher Wortmann. It’s been a valuable source for understanding some of the more obscure references.

J – Mysteriously, nothing comes up for J.

K –

An online paint tool. I mostly use it to make maps for D&D when playing online.

L –

If this computer had history from my childhood, there’s no way this wouldn’t be

M –

N – Neland AV Crew Schedule – Google Drive

I do still occasionally livestream for church, and this is our signup document. It took a while to get this to my top result for N, but it was worth it as I don’t have to click through google drive folders anymore

O –

P –

A dumb game I play to pass the time.

Q –

This is the result I was most surprised by. I guess there aren’t a lot of websites that start with Q. It’s a world map of pins that anonymous users use to tell stories about their Queer experiences in those places. I highly recommend you check it out.

R – Ranger – DND 5th Edition

A useful reference for my current Dungeons and Dragons character when I don’t have my rulebook on me.

S –

A database of Magic: the Gathering cards which is much better than the official one maintained by Wizards of the Coast.

T –

50/50 this was going to be Twitter. It’s gone back and forth over the years. Tumblr’s the social media I use the most. I like that it’s not moderated by an algorithm, and I really can’t predict what the people I follow are going to put in my feed. My favorite moment in recent memory was when users created a movie out of nothing, for fun, because we could. comes in at #2 here.

U – Menu – Uncle Cheetah’s Soup Shop

Probably my favorite restaurant in Grand Rapids.

V –

I had no guesses for V. I don’t go to the website for my comic book shop often, but I guess it’s often enough that it comes up here.

W – again.

Wordle comes in at #2, and I haven’t played in weeks.

X – There’s no website Firefox wants to autofill the end to here, but every recent search or suggested website is about the X-men. Unsurprising as I’ve fallen hard into them this year.

Y –

Z –

This is weird since I haven’t been looking for jobs recently. I guess there aren’t a lot of websites that start with Z.


  1. Phil

    I love this

  2. Geneva Langeland

    Dropout rules! My friends and I often hop on Zoom and stream episodes of “Um, Actually” together (pausing, of course, to see if we can answer the Shiny Questions ourselves). We’re also big Dimension 20 and Game Changer fans.


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