Drunken Boat

Genres Accepted: Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, and Artwork

Medium: Online (12/year)

Established: 2000

Circulation: Greater than 10,000

Tagline: International Online Journal of the Arts

Payment: None

About: Drunken Boat, international journal of the arts, publishes works of art utilizing the medium of the web, such as video, sound, hypertext, digital animation, alongside innovative works of prose, poetry, translation, and photography. They like work that stretches form, regardless of aesthetics.

Analysis: Drunken Boat is among the most prestigious online journals anywhere. Its commitment to innovative art and writing provides an excellent opportunity for writers who pioneer the new and avant-garde. Its exceptional staff and bountiful credentials ensure quality work, but the magazine still welcomes emerging writers (ten authors make their debut each issue). The combination of the magazine’s welcoming demeanor and its global audience makes Drunken Boat a potentially great ship for Calvin writers to sail.

Calvin Connection: L.S. Klatt, Calvin professor of English, published two poems in the eleventh issue

Hekman Availability: Not available

Submission Instructions

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