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I am resigned to spending my entire allotment of time for recklessness trapped within the confines of a single city.

“That Place is to the West of Us Still”

Despite the islanders’ departure, the islands of St. Kilda are still there, still beautiful, still alive.

It’s Lovely Here Today

Generations survived by this resource that I now visit a few times a week for a pleasant view and a whipping fresh breeze.


I did not need thyme. Or brown sugar. Or the lime.

Come, Jet Lag; Come, Haggis

My first meal off the plane, jet-lagged as I was, consisted of No. 1 Grange Road’s “Haggis, Neeps, and Tatties Tower.”

Hot Food Makes Me Happy

But this is efficient, I tell myself. Hot food requires a stove, and a stove requires money, and I am a sophomore trying to backpack Europe on a budget. Food seemed like the best place to cut corners.

MacLeod’s Folly

MacLeod’s Folly

by | Jul 4, 2014 | 1 comment

Above the Scottish harbor town of Portree on a wooded hill known as The Lump stands what looks like an ancient watchtower, gazing blindly past the shoulders of the mountains to the Sound of Raasay.

Aquavitae: My Life in Four Drinks

In that crystalline moment, I knew that I had discovered something totally new. I glimpsed landscapes. I couldn’t speak.

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