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It’s Lovely Here Today

Generations survived by this resource that I now visit a few times a week for a pleasant view and a whipping fresh breeze.


I did not need thyme. Or brown sugar. Or the lime.

Come, Jet Lag; Come, Haggis

My first meal off the plane, jet-lagged as I was, consisted of No. 1 Grange Road’s “Haggis, Neeps, and Tatties Tower.”

Hot Food Makes Me Happy

But this is efficient, I tell myself. Hot food requires a stove, and a stove requires money, and I am a sophomore trying to backpack Europe on a budget. Food seemed like the best place to cut corners.

MacLeod’s Folly

Above the Scottish harbor town of Portree on a wooded hill known as The Lump stands what looks like an ancient watchtower, gazing blindly past the shoulders of the mountains to the Sound of Raasay.

Aquavitae: My Life in Four Drinks

In that crystalline moment, I knew that I had discovered something totally new. I glimpsed landscapes. I couldn’t speak.

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