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Summer in the Valley

I fell in love with this valley three years ago, in the summer.

The Margins

What does it mean though for a place to be ugly?

Putting My Underwear on Backwards

Perhaps my first mistake was expecting that I would ever entirely grow out of it.

I Can Be Your Mother

She said that God had brought us to her, that we were like her children, and that she could be like our Romanian mother.

Foreign Prayer

But do we ever really comprehend what happens when we try to meet with God?


Still, I’ve never felt the same level of attachment in any of these places that I’ve felt in Romania. When I step off of the plane in that country, it feels like I’ve come home.

This Was the Year of Living

This Was the Year of Living

by | Jan 10, 2018 | 0 comments

This was the year of living with my parents, with my best friends, with a stranger. This was the year of mint tea and French TV shows, of cooking for my friends and of touching the North Sea.

First Person

First Person

You are always you, always becoming you. You’re always your own first person, over and over and over.

You Look Happy to Me

You Look Happy to Me

They’re not always noble or pure, but then of course neither am I. We try our best, and sometimes people climb mountains just to see us blossom in the cold.

There Are Still Secrets

There Are Still Secrets

His dangerous trip had unearthed something remarkable: a fully functioning ecosystem that had survived without sunlight and with barely any oxygen for millennia.

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