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Looters Get Shot

I’m not convinced that looter’s increased presence in my life is the result of a newly expanded horizon of awareness.

The Wall Tent

An 8×10 waterproof canvas tent with metal poles and the space for a wood stove, that tent has seen most of Oregon. 

I Bought a Wetsuit and It Was a Full Body Experience

I am not sure how to accurately convey the unpleasantness of this experience. There was no part of my body that went gentle into that good night.


Dear M,
I hope you are enjoying life in Oregon. I am trying very hard not to miss you. Sometimes, it works.

On Running from Goats (and Other Scary Things)

I hadn’t planned on landing in Bend, Oregon and instantly feeling like I had found home, but I did.

Longing for Roots

So what do I have? I have my ancestors. I can’t visit them, anyway—most are long dead—so distance doesn’t matter. Still, though, this litany of names acts as a sort of symbolic rootedness.

Why I Am Going on Strike 

Why I Am Going on Strike 

by | Nov 22, 2014 | 1 comment

Our struggle is against the authorities who misuse and abuse their power. Our struggle is against the evil that enslaves the world and is manifested in the actions of the University administration.

Matrimonial Meaning-taking 

Matrimonial Meaning-taking 

As the eleventh cousin on both sides of my family, I grew up going to older cousins’ weddings at least annually. I grew to love attending weddings; I have always found them very meaningful.

The House

I felt helpless and a bit stupid standing out there in the dark. It dawned on me that this wasn’t like my childhood doll house or some story I was just making up.

A Frost-y Weekend

A Frost-y Weekend

We climb on nature’s back to build a heavenly Babel, but it is nature that sets us back on earth, where we were created, where we belong.

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