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Putting My Underwear on Backwards

Perhaps my first mistake was expecting that I would ever entirely grow out of it.

Open Seating

“I’m actually on a connecting flight, traveling to a corn hole tournament. It’s a pretty big deal,” the man in the seat behind me announced. 

Just a House

I was suddenly aware of everything: the squelch of the slider door’s rubber seal releasing as my brother came in from the yard. The creak and crash of the screen door to the garage behind my dad.

The Sex Talk I Never Had

Could my parents have admitted they were too busy or uncomfortable to teach me? Yes.
Am I mad, bro? No.

The Ones

I grew up knowing that I would not date a woman unless we were going to get married. No pressure, you’ll know when you know, but figure it out and don’t mess it up or your entire life will be ruined.

Light from Light

I didn’t know how to write about a rain jacket on Palm Sunday after forty-four people died in their churches.

To Be Known Again

To Be Known Again

by | Apr 9, 2017 | 0 comments

When you start to recognize people and places, and you start to be recognized, you start to feel home. Re-cognize—from the Latin cognoscere, “to know.” To re-know, or to know again.

City Stories: Life on the Road

City Stories: Life on the Road

Stories of travel compel us, she says, because “more reliably than anything else on earth, the road will force you to live in the present.”

Nothing Wasted

Nothing Wasted

When is the last time
You knew what you wanted?

Solo Cups and Seminary

Solo Cups and Seminary

Christians shouldn’t be surprised that people think we’re assholes. As a collective, we’ve thrown our weight behind some pretty misguided causes.

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