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The Unicorn That Changed My Life

Like Agnes, I decided this unicorn would be mine.

The One Time You’re Asked to Hurry Up in Honduras

Everyone who gets on is headed their own way—school, work, church, shopping, home—but for a brief moment, the barreling bus brings us all together.

Carrying Home on Our Backs

A few months ago, I found myself at a weekend-long turtle monitoring session on Honduras’ southern coast.

Generating… Poetry for this Place

Another holiday, another rustling through my luggage of words to find poignant answers for the question.

Am I a Gringa?

Even when I do speak in accented Spanish, Hondurans often assume I’m from a Honduran afro-indigenous community.

Prepare for Re-entry

The third time in a short conversation that I heard myself saying, “Well, in Honduras…” I stopped myself. I didn’t mean to be a bore; I simply didn’t have other experiences to draw from.

Quarter-life Confessions

Quarter-life Confessions

by | Aug 1, 2019 | 2 comments

21. Sometimes my life seems to spark like a live wire, and I feel intoxicated by its opportunity and potential.

A Good Enough Reason to Leave

A Good Enough Reason to Leave

This may be the last post I’ll write from Honduras.

If You Visit Tegucigalpa

If You Visit Tegucigalpa

If you visit Tegucigalpa, you’ll find more than you expect.

Questions and Answers about the Migrant Caravan

Questions and Answers about the Migrant Caravan

It is not a partisan statement to say that the U.S. immigration system is broken.

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