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They Call Her a Siguanaba

Some say she kills the men; in Honduras, she usually makes them go crazy.

Preparing for Proximity

The turn of this year feels too fragile for plans.

The Unicorn That Changed My Life

Like Agnes, I decided this unicorn would be mine.

The One Time You’re Asked to Hurry Up in Honduras

Everyone who gets on is headed their own way—school, work, church, shopping, home—but for a brief moment, the barreling bus brings us all together.

Carrying Home on Our Backs

A few months ago, I found myself at a weekend-long turtle monitoring session on Honduras’ southern coast.

Generating… Poetry for this Place

Another holiday, another rustling through my luggage of words to find poignant answers for the question.

Am I a Gringa?

Am I a Gringa?

by | Nov 4, 2019 | 2 comments

Even when I do speak in accented Spanish, Hondurans often assume I’m from a Honduran afro-indigenous community.

Prepare for Re-entry

Prepare for Re-entry

The third time in a short conversation that I heard myself saying, “Well, in Honduras…” I stopped myself. I didn’t mean to be a bore; I simply didn’t have other experiences to draw from.

Quarter-life Confessions

Quarter-life Confessions

21. Sometimes my life seems to spark like a live wire, and I feel intoxicated by its opportunity and potential.

A Good Enough Reason to Leave

A Good Enough Reason to Leave

This may be the last post I’ll write from Honduras.

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