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Quarter-life Confessions

21. Sometimes my life seems to spark like a live wire, and I feel intoxicated by its opportunity and potential.

A Good Enough Reason to Leave

This may be the last post I’ll write from Honduras.

If You Visit Tegucigalpa

If you visit Tegucigalpa, you’ll find more than you expect.

Questions and Answers about the Migrant Caravan

It is not a partisan statement to say that the U.S. immigration system is broken.

Not Another Bite

When I first moved to Honduras three years ago, I ate everything my host family ate: beans, eggs, cream, tortillas. Heavy, simple plates—bland, but satisfying. But then suddenly one day, months in, I just couldn’t do it anymore.

The Billion-Dollar Business of Donated Clothes

I have a sinking suspicion that most issues work this way—they deeper we go, the more tangled we find ourselves, looking in vain for an exit.

I Speak with an Accent

I Speak with an Accent

by | Mar 1, 2018 | 0 comments

What if we heard all accents this way—not as a sign that English is not one’s first language, but as a sign that another language is?

All the Things We Don’t Know

All the Things We Don’t Know

We keep getting messages, some true, some false. It’s too hard to make sense of a moment when you’re in it.

I Am Not the Funny One

I Am Not the Funny One

It’s not that I don’t have a sense of humor—with close friends and family I joke, laugh, and make others laugh. But there’s an unshakeable earnestness to it.

When I Cross the Street, Cars Stop for Me

When I Cross the Street, Cars Stop for Me

I want to be better about recognizing their cousin—micro-advantages, micro-privileges that lead to a world that bends in my direction, that is softer with me, gentler.

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