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What’s in a Name?

The parsing of words is no minor squabble. It has real-world implications in terms of policy and people’s lives.

What’s At Stake

I wish I could care less—it feels like a luxury.

Snowstorm Saints

I do not want to be like the man in the boat, alone to face the howling winds and blustering snow.

On the Way

Days like these, I can’t follow a podcast, and music sounds too loud, the tempo much faster than I remembered, the lyrics and storytelling much less compelling.

This Is America

Just the smile of someone who is in on the secret.

The Institute (of Arts)

And for twenty-five minutes I am warm and more alive
than the seven hours and thirty-five minutes between walls and cabinets three floors above.

Choose Your Own Misadventure

Choose Your Own Misadventure

by | Dec 17, 2016 | 0 comments

Two important facts: first, there are two doors leading into this bathroom, one from the hallway and one from my housemate’s bedroom. Second, a deadbolt on the bathroom-hallway door allows it to be locked from the inside.

No Use To Us

No Use To Us

We walked a few blocks from the museum to find food (unreasonably passing on a café whose window quoted Jay Gatsby: “Well, he’s no use to us if Detroit is his idea of a small town. . . .”).

What To Do About Baseball

What To Do About Baseball

On Sunday night, in the bottom of the eighth inning of game two of the American League Champion Series, the Detroit Tigers had a 5-1 lead against the Boston Red Sox in Boston’s historic Fenway Park.

Steely Dan at The Fox

Steely Dan at The Fox

That relentless perfectionism is a big reason why, 35 years after their commercial peak and 10 years since their last studio album, Steely Dan is still such an incredible live act.

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