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This is Wrong: Teaching in the Age of School Shootings

Saint John once wrote that perfect love casts out fear. I beg to differ.

Can You Keep a Secret?

I can still remember the first time I lied to my parents. I was seven years old and was obsessed with Indiana Jones.

How To Talk To Attractive People (Just Kidding I Have No Idea)

“So I see you enjoy burritos…” I would say and then stare at my shoes. “ And I observe that you are also wearing… [squinting] shoes… very cool…”

Me and My Book

No one believes it. I didn’t believe it, until I grabbed the bumper, tried to lift, and realized I didn’t even know how to grip the thing. I’m writing about an experience I still don’t fully understand, and the sharing of it is even more incomprehensible.


Somewhere around 5:00 a.m. on Saturday, mom will go into Noah’s Ark mode, creating piles two at a time and designating where they will go in the car.

Blood of a Thief

On the way out of the house, the thief’s bleeding hand had grabbed my Bible from where it lay on the floor. There’s a story inside it, one that I hope they read.

Phishers of Men

Phishers of Men

by | Sep 6, 2013

Say what you will about jam bands and hippies—Phish fans have enthusiasm. More than the music, more than the thrill of seeing famous performers, I liked the concert for its energy.

The Pawnee Grasslands or the 51st State?

The Pawnee Grasslands or the 51st State?

Fellow Calvinites, if you, like my unfortunate college roommate and Michigan native have never been farther west than—what did he say?—Iowa!, then you have never lived.