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Sacred Spaces: Some Distinctly Un-data-driven Conclusions

Seeing chipped stained glass and other signs of disrepair was dismaying, but it also renewed my appreciation of how church architecture brings grandeur into public space.

Open Seating

“I’m actually on a connecting flight, traveling to a corn hole tournament. It’s a pretty big deal,” the man in the seat behind me announced. 


While at home, I went on a walk, remembering how, after a long rain, the air would smell like cupcakes or Cheerios as the fumes from General Mills wafted over the trees and rooftops.

Mutual Respect in the Streets

One Monday morning a couple weeks ago, a man did something I should have been prepared for.

Growing into Solitude

I haven’t outgrown my loneliness, but I do think I’m growing into my own solitude.


With a new pastor in the pulpit after a long stretch of interim pastors, I’ve been hopeful. But in the past few months, we’ve hit a new series of lows.

Burn After Reading

Burn After Reading

by | Mar 4, 2018

Jesse will be your second Tinder date, and your last.

After Ezra Jack Keats and The Snowy Day

After Ezra Jack Keats and The Snowy Day

The call for diversity in children’s literature is based on the idea of windows and mirrors.

The Ones

The Ones

I grew up knowing that I would not date a woman unless we were going to get married. No pressure, you’ll know when you know, but figure it out and don’t mess it up or your entire life will be ruined.

Northern Lights: A Letter to a Friend

Northern Lights: A Letter to a Friend

While we were talking, your mom shouted from upstairs that we should go outside—there were northern lights showing.