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I’m Not Okay

After six weeks of unstructured days and minimal obligations, I no longer harbor illusions about what I might someday accomplish if I “just had more time.”

Marriage Advice from Someone Who’s Been Married Eleven Days

Pull those covers all the way over to your side at night. What doesn’t kill him makes him stronger.

Change of Plans

I’d known when Josh and I started dating that I might have to leave. But staying was within our grasp, and it feels nice to know what your future is going to look like. 

Pros and Cons

That’s a heavy con for Madison (Pros: Government job benefits, Roommate Night with my best friends, a church that has become home, cheese).

Disappointment, Victory, and Not Telling Mom

What I learned on this year’s Dover was how to sit in the disappointment with friends and then to race around joyfully on borrowed red bicycles.

Behold, I am an American

Perhaps it was outside of Ottawa, where yet another AirBNB featured a drip coffee maker but no filters or beans.

Trip Report: Wedgemont Lake

Trip Report: Wedgemont Lake

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Our ultimate goal, Wedge Mountain, has an elevation of 9,488 feet and is the high point of Garibaldi Provincial Park.

How Many More

How Many More

I don’t know if you knew about the fear that permeated Toronto’s gay scene for years.

Dr. Gladwell, or: How I Learned to Stop Envying and Love the Story

Dr. Gladwell, or: How I Learned to Stop Envying and Love the Story

Storytime with Dr. Gladwell was the highlight of every other Monday and among the most formational aspects of my early education.

It Started as a Joke

It Started as a Joke

When everything you own is pink, excusing it as merely “ironic” becomes less convincing. No, you actually have to admit you’re fond of this obnoxious colour.

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