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Summer in the Valley

I fell in love with this valley three years ago, in the summer.

Four Meals with Strangers

Danke, Louise.  Obrigada, João. Merci, Jess. Gracias, Vera.

Seeing the Mountains

Vielkind fancies himself a portraitist. He sculpts the mountains many faces as a 19th century artist might have rendered a royal patron. His concern is showing the mountains at their best.

The Things That Make Us

Here, especially in the corporate world, my liberal arts background has more than once required an explanation (inevitably a defense) of the liberal arts. What can the liberal arts teach us today?

Things That Have Happened in Austria Since I Left

A herd of cows killed a hiker in Tirol. This might not seem newsworthy, but the hiker was German, which necessitates at least a small degree of suspicion of foul play.

Fantastic Beasts: Field Guide

Her jaw snaps decisively at the treat offered to her and I immediately recognize that jaw’s ability to snap me decisively in half if the opportunity arose.

Long Live Central Cemetery

Long Live Central Cemetery

by | Mar 16, 2014 | 2 comments

there’s nothing central about Zentralfriedhof (Central Cemetery). Situated in Vienna’s southeast outskirts, the cemetery is nearly a full nine kilometers from the city’s first district.

Riding a Bike in Vienna

Riding a Bike in Vienna

I can bike down each of Vienna’s alleys. I can scrape my elbow on any number of her streets. Still, the city will never be completely mine.

German at Calvin

After reading about the potential elimination of the German major at Calvin, I’m writing to tell you a bit about what German at Calvin meant and continues to mean to me.

The Tower of Babel

The Tower of Babel

Like the Bible story after which it is named, Bruegel’s painting seems to critique humanity’s thirst for power. The tower is unfinished and crumbling.

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