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More Diaries of a Traveling Therapist

I stepped forward, asking, “Llamas are the ones that spit, right?”

Recalculating Route

“You guys definitely are through the worst of it. So you should be alright. You’ve got four wheel drive right?”

Diaries of a Traveling Therapist

I have gagged on the suffocating stench emanating from chicken farms down the road from one of my client’s schools. Each day is truly a new and unique day.

Porcelain Nightmare

I located the shutoff valve on the piping and gave it a twist.

First Drafts

My real fear is not that someone will think that I write poorly, but that people will think I write without having anything to say.

Aura-n’t You Glad This Didn’t Happen to You?

I decided on aura photography because it is decently priced, comes with tangible evidence, and reminds me of Tapenga from Boy Meets World.

A Penny for your Evangelism

A Penny for your Evangelism

by | Dec 13, 2013 | 4 comments

“YOU DESERVE HELL.” The murmurs that skittered through our classroom when that sign marched to the front row drew the attention of the professor.

Looking Back

Looking Back

I was inexplicably tired, unable to focus, and uncertain how I would ever get everything done. I wondered, briefly, why I had chosen such a difficult path.

Blood of a Thief

Blood of a Thief

On the way out of the house, the thief’s bleeding hand had grabbed my Bible from where it lay on the floor. There’s a story inside it, one that I hope they read.

Musings of a SunTran Patriot

Musings of a SunTran Patriot

“Excuse me…” I was waiting in the shade of a mesquite tree, squinting past the short cars on the busy street in hopes of seeing the tall, flat face of the SunTran bus behind them. I turned to see who had spoken; a middle-aged Hispanic man was approaching me from...
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