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Snail Saga, Pt. 3: Snails in the Shadow of COVID-19

There isn’t much I’ve enjoyed more recently than watching Clive—Clive Snails Lewis, to give him his full title—wrap his slimy self around a carrot.

My Best Friend Lives in New York

But I will say that—for me—being confined to my home has sometimes felt liberating in a small and quiet way.

Of Falcons and Folly

Out of the corner of my eye, a grey bolt of lightning shot out from behind the gothic-style church on the corner across from North Quad.

What’s Coming

Why would I give up my dog?

Waste Not

Some ground rules: I’ve committed to collecting every piece of trashable, recyclable, or compostable waste I generate for a full week.

Choose Your Own Misadventure

Two important facts: first, there are two doors leading into this bathroom, one from the hallway and one from my housemate’s bedroom. Second, a deadbolt on the bathroom-hallway door allows it to be locked from the inside.

What’s Next, Mandolin Lessons?

What’s Next, Mandolin Lessons?

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I went vegetarian almost six years ago. It started as a refusal to put my money into the meat industry and, once I lost the taste for burgers and sausages, it turned into a permanent habit.

Mo Money

Mo Money

I decided to put my money where my mouth has been since I started touting the importance of small-scale local agriculture six years ago.

Tiny White Moments

Tiny White Moments

Reaching through the grated door, I run a fingertip along the tiny white foreleg of a tiny white lamb curled on the straw inside. He slid into the world less than a week ago beside his glossy black sister.



Since moving to Ann Arbor, I’ve encountered more panhandlers in two years than I’d seen in the preceding twenty-three. And every time, no matter how bedraggled or desperate they appear, I always truck right past.

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