Each year on the post calvin, we do a celebratory review of the best stuff writers have produced, and each year, we choose those posts differently. If you’re in the mood for some nostalgia, check out the past four years in review: Best of 2015Best of 2016Best of 2017, Best of 2018: Part OneBest of 2018: Part TwoBest of 2018: Part Three.

This year, we’ll hear from our readers, our writers, and our editors for these last three days of the month. Today, we’re featuring posts that were nominated by our audience—we posted a Google Form on our Facebook page and asked for your favorites. Here they are, in author publishing day order.

The Four Most Important Things I Know | Katerina Parsons

Driven | Cotter Koopman
B is for Beach | Cotter Koopman

Am I a Gringa? | Comfort Sampong

New York City Marathon | Caroline (Higgins) Nyczak

Why Sabbath is Anti-Capitalist | Josh Parks

15 Years of National Treasure | Gwyneth Findlay

J is for Jordan | Jordan Petersen Kamp
Numb | Jordan Petersen Kamp

F is for Fermata | Josh deLacy
Seeking that Meaningful Connection | Josh deLacy

Eyes | Abby Zwart

tsunamis along the coast | Will Montei

Remembering | Courtney Zonnefeld

Why | Kyric Koning
Listen | Kyric Koning

1 Corinthians 13, 2019 | Laura Sheppard

W is for Work | Katie Van Zanen
Blessed Because | Katie Van Zanen

Help Wanted | Gabe Gunnink
The Way I Came | Gabe Gunnink

Unbendable | Jeffrey Peterson
Getting Old | Jeffrey Peterson

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  1. Kyric Koning

    Thanks for all the readers who spend the few moments necessary to support one, two, a few, several, many, or all of the writers here. Without you, are we even writers?


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