Our theme for the month of October was selected by readers and is a format challenge: write a post completely in dialogue.

*A stranger approaches*

The man: “Oh my goodness, what an adorable baby!”

Me: “Thank you!”

Maria-Renee: “Thanks!”

The man: “Wow, you be sure to keep her warm it’s kind of cold out. How old is she?”

Maria-Renee: “A little over a month.”

The man: “Wow, how great. Now you be sure to take super special care of that beautiful baby. What’s her name?”

Maria-Renee: “Celia.”

The man: “Take extra special care of that precious baby. You guys live around here?”

Me: “Yeah, umm yeah in the area, but we’re on our way to—”

The man: “Wow, take care of that baby. Where was she born?”

Me: “Loyola.”

The man: “Bless that baby, you have got to take care of that baby. Seriously.”

Me: “Ok we will, bye!”

*The stranger exits*

Maria-Renee: “What just happened?”

Me: “That was… pretty intense questioning.”

Maria-Renee: “I feel like we should use a code name for her or something. Instead of telling people her real name. That guy really wanted to know a lot about us.”

Me: “Okay, sure. Any ideas?”

Maria-Renee: “How about Amy?”

Me: “Why Amy?”

Maria-Renee: “I dunno. It was what popped into my head.”


*Maria-Renee brings the spoon up to Celia’s face. Celia screams, as if in agony*

Maria-Renee: “Woah mi amor, que pasa? You love carrots.”

Celia: “rrrrrmmmmmm yyyyyyyyyyyeaaa”

Me: “Celia, calm down little lady, estás bien.

*Celia grabs the spoon herself and shoves it into her mouth*

Celia: “mmmwawm mmwawm mwam baa baaa!”

Maria-Renee: “Ok, little miss independent, you wanted to do it yourself, apparently.”

Celia: “mmmm mmm ha ha ha.”


Me: “Being at this game has made me realize how much I missed hockey. Being in the suite is pretty great, too.”

Maria-Renee: “Yeah, it’s so fun. I can’t wait to be able to actually watch the game. By the way, I think she’s getting hungry. You wanna come with me and then we can try to get her to sleep?”

Me: “Sure. I think there’s some chairs down the hall.”

Maria-Renee: “Which chair should I pick? If I sit in this one, people down the hall will see me. If I sit there, the guys coming out of the bathroom will see me.”

Me: “Yeah, no matter what someone will look at you. But you’re covered up, love.”

Celia: “baaaaaaa bwwaah bwaah bwaa.”

Maria-Renee: “Si, mi amor, ahorita.”

Me: “This really is a great arena.”

*Celia breathes excitedly from under the blanket*

*A kind, eager-looking usher approaches*

The usher (leaning in as if to whisper in Maria-Renee’s ear): “So, just so you know, for the next time, we’ve got a much more comfortable and private mother’s area down (*he points on the map he has removed from his pocket*) here, and they did a really terrific job with it.”

Maria-Renee: “Oh, okay, thanks!”

*Celia’s excited breathing quiets*

The usher (still oddly close to the action): “Yes, it’s a really great space. Anyway, enjoy the rest of the game!”

Maria-Renee: “Thanks!”

*The blanket falls away to reveal Celia with a firm fixed stare*

The aforementioned stare: “What in the world was that nonsense about? Who interrupted food time? Why aren’t you focused on me?!”

*Me and Maria-Renee burst into laughter.*


Celia: “Hrmmm hmmmm herrrmmmm”

Me: “Yes, my love, I know, you’re a sleepy lady and it’s time for sleep.”

Celia: “Hrmmm”

Me: “I know, my darling, I know. Your papa loves you. He’s always going to love you. He’s going to make so many more mistakes, even more than the ones he made today. He forgot to bring the stroller back from your grandma’s house, he got snippy with mama, he forgot to clean the bathrooms, he still hasn’t sent that email, he doesn’t pray enough with you, he doesn—”

*Celia lets out a deep, sleepy breath*

Me: “Goodnight, my sweet angel.”

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