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“I’m glad you’re here, Will,” said David, “because Sarah and I have an announcement to make.”

A Cedar Hymn

For the most part, Cedar Campus remains largely the same as when I was born, a fact many of us—who have grown from infants to adults, from adults to elders; who have gained families; who have lost loved ones—marvel at.

Lift Up His Countenance

Our theme for the month of March is “Ask the post calvin.” We’re taking on questions submitted by readers and offering our best advice.   Dear the post calvin, My prayer has always seemed dry and not heartfelt. I’ve tried different methods, but I feel like...


I’m just trying to say that given what little is truly required of uncles, it follows that the bond between parent and child, when pursued in good faith, has no parallel.

Offerings and Exaltations

Sadness is that way: temporal. Each encounter comes with a demand singular to the day of its arrival: here is a powerful feeling, attend to it, reconcile its nature with yours.

While on a Walk

Standing there, I have a similar sensation to the one on the Peter Pan ride at Disney World when your pirate ship escapes through the window of the children’s bedroom to reveal a sleepy London beneath you.


As if knowing he was a caricature of a human, Grandpa Jack did most if not all of these things with a pipe in his mouth.


I think there is a divine vision at the root of “purity” that remains a potent challenge today: that apart from oneself, on the other end of every sexual encounter is another self equally as mysterious and indefinable as existence.

Social Strata

Though I’ve never defined myself by a job title, I came to the realization that without my previous one, I had little to define myself with at all.

Unaccounted Years

They tumbled into my lap to watch Puffin Rock. Two on my knees, one on my crossed ankles. I’d have been little more than a chair were I not kissing their cheeks.

A Goodness

A few days later I was back in Seattle and it felt like coming home, like jumping into your bed’s cold sheets and warming them as you fall asleep. I feel bad about that, for loving two places at once.


I was once told the way that my eyebrows slope down symbolizes wisdom, but it looks like sadness, which might be the same thing.

The Men I’ve Loved

We would say it without worrying about whether or not it came off to anyone within earshot as romantic. As you say it to your family, so we said it to each other.


Outward Bound, Super Camp, tutors, counsellors, mentors—my parents spared no expense in trying to figure out my 2.33 cumulative high school GPA. Nothing worked.

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