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Consumers’ Energy

Even digital art or an online article, infinitely reproducible and instantly transmissible, is not timeless nor placeless because it comes from a specific person to an audience.

Tallow Lights

On this aðfangadagskvöld, it’s my duty to tell you specifically about the final Yule Lad, who arrives tonight. His name is Kertasníkir, and if you know Icelandic, you’re clutching your candles.


It was midnight again, France time, when I sat down for the turkey and mashed potatoes my family had waited to make.

Untitled (2008)

First of all, I mean I consumed music almost exclusively from the Red Hot Chili Peppers for three years. If you think I’m exaggerating, talk to any of my friends from high school.

Goddess of Weaving

Or maybe I was right to be scared. Maybe my parents only told me giant spiders weren’t real so that I would let my guard down.