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The Beast of Eden

People often inquire about others’ favorite books, but to ask about one’s most life-changing suggestion, with the intention of stimulating that ‘butterfly moment,’ well, that is a very intentional inquiry.

On Only Having Guy Friends

It took a while for me to break out of my preconceived notions that girls only liked sugar and spice and everything nice, but the new hurdle was suppressing all those questions about chemistry.

Goodbye, Goose

It was classy enough to rise above the dive bar ranks, but not so swanky that you couldn’t waltz in there with sweatpants and flip-flops.

On Tattoos

During the hour it took to fill in the shapes of Michigan, Huron, Superior, Erie, and Ontario, I learned a lot about tattoos. Apparently, no design is off-limits, so long as you can find an artist willing to draw it.

Maybe I Should Care More

On Thursday, February 16, production came to a grinding halt at the greenhouse because most of my coworkers took a personal day for the nationwide protest, “A Day Without Immigrants.”

A Farm Boy At Heart

Hey girl, you wanna climb the power line towers to watch the sunset over the peach orchard? Hop on my four-wheeler and I’ll show you the back forty.

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