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The Escape

His work didn’t stop, even if the rain did. After a moment’s breath of rain-washed air and a sigh from the depth of his soul, he grabbed the umbrella and closed the door behind him.

Let Them Eat Cilantro

Pseudoscience falls into three categories: 1) refutable and harmless, 2) watertight and harmless, and 3) watertight and life-or-death. Battles that fall into the first and third categories are worth fighting.

Jigsaw Pride

As we resumed walking, my dad turned his head toward me with a small grin. “He asked me if he could marry you,” he said. I felt my eyebrows go up.


Mom-I-Am. Pop-Hopper, Cat-Hatter. Roar!… I’m a dinosaur! Where’s Waldo, and why is he wandering off again? The words resign themselves to be simple for now, brown cow.

Science vs. God

Bill Nye worries that students won’t believe in Science because they’re too distracted by God, and Ken Ham worries that students won’t believe in God because they’re too distracted by Science.

I Will Not Go To Calvin

I decided to be an astronomer at age ten. I am an astronomer now because God is gracious and I am stubborn. It is because of the former, and in spite of the latter, that I am also a Calvin alum.

Blood of a Thief

On the way out of the house, the thief’s bleeding hand had grabbed my Bible from where it lay on the floor. There’s a story inside it, one that I hope they read.

Neon Gray

I don’t want to be so black and white that I miss the nuance of the Creator’s world, and of what he’s doing in it. But I’m not going to blend into the gray background of ambivalence.

Musings of a SunTran Patriot

“Excuse me…” I was waiting in the shade of a mesquite tree, squinting past the short cars on the busy street in hopes of seeing the tall, flat face of the SunTran bus behind them. I turned to see who had spoken; a middle-aged Hispanic man was approaching me from...
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