Matt Coldagelli

Matt Coldagelli (’14) majored in English writing and psychology at Calvin. He’s currently pursuing a doctorate in clinical psychology with an emphasis on children and adolescents. He watches an absurd amount of TV and is a certified craft beer snob. Matt lives with his lovely wife in Oak Park, IL.

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We are incessantly inundated with tips, narratives, and guidelines for how to be sexy.


Teenagers, though, go right for the emotional jugular, draining self-esteem and confidence dry and leaving a husk of a defeated therapist.

Discovering Self-Compassion

But that’s not the world we actually inhabit, so why do we continue to encourage kids to engage in these comparisons? And why are we so terrified of negative emotions?

Beware of Dog

Before you plunge the pitchforks into my gut and toss the torches on my belongings, hear me out.

Anticipation and Imagination

Shrouded in myth, internship was spoken of in the same way people talk about Voldemort: they act as if it’s taboo, but they all secretly love to spread their anxiety and feel a bit naughty.

Coffee and Ants

The winged six-legged something-or-other was diligently scaling the coffee shop window, which was thick with the moist mess of condensation.

Bootleg Baby

We’ve since come to realize that there’s no perfect way to feel while pregnant. There’s not an emotional experience you’re supposed to have.


It’s one thing to order pork or enchiladas, but I’ve reached a level of fluency where I want to take my skills beyond family and friends.


This balancing act bestows a lot of power on therapists. It also becomes a breeding ground for callousness.