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Fear the Deer

But for me—a Wisconsin sports fan all too familiar with gut-wrenching disappointment—it’s difficult to fully lean into the excitement without the nagging feeling that heartbreak is on the horizon.

Sounds of Salamá

From the kitchen comes the pitter-patter of the pressure cooker, rap tap tapping, hissing spurts of steam, signaling that something delectable will be on the table at the next meal—most likely black beans.

The Butterfly Effect

Not only did this miscreant have the gall to stop far too distant from the proper spot, he had the utter audacity to hesitate and linger when the blessed green light at last showered itself onto us lowly plebeians.


Teenagers, though, go right for the emotional jugular, draining self-esteem and confidence dry and leaving a husk of a defeated therapist.

Bootleg Baby

We’ve since come to realize that there’s no perfect way to feel while pregnant. There’s not an emotional experience you’re supposed to have.


It’s one thing to order pork or enchiladas, but I’ve reached a level of fluency where I want to take my skills beyond family and friends.

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