Lauren (Boersma) Harris

Lauren (Boersma) Harris (’13) is a spontaneous, idealistic, independent, fierce, over-thinking, damaged, adventurous, ordinary megalomaniac with a healthy sense of self-worth and a high word count. She has been a teacher both indoors and outdoors; she loves improvised comedy, backpacking, and writing, even when it’s required.

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What is “Net Neutrality”?

To a large degree, the underlying argument of the Net Neutrality debate can be traced to the basic tenets of the two primary political party systems in the United States: Big Government vs. Small Government.

First, Grow Up

First, you’ll notice that the world isn’t just orange push-ups and Math Blasters on CD-ROM. Then, you’ll notice that there are people with Flip Glosses, hair straighteners, and boyfriends.

Dear Class of 2019

I know adults aren’t easy to trust, and teachers least of all, but please trust me. Trust that I know what I’m talking about, even just a little bit. Trust that I might, on occasion, be right when you’re wrong.

Dear Lauren, Love Lauren

The following is a completely fictional recorded conversation between my past and present selves. It is transcribed as it was spoken and it is also not real.   18-year-old Lauren: Dear 25-year-old Lauren, I hope you’re no longer miserable. Please tell me that...

Spoiler Alert: RE Santa and Absolute Truth

This was a truly significant moment in my life, and there is a reason that I still remember Chris’s grinning, red-rouged cheeks and Haley’s big, brown dismayed eyes beneath her adorable nineties bob. It was the first moment in my life where the right thing to do was also wrong.


You are good. I’m not sure why it’s important to tell you. But I tell my dog she’s good just about as often as I tell you, and she spends a lot of time bashing her head against walls and licking her own butt. So that’s a shame.

Father’s Day Redux

Growing up, I occasionally went with my dad to both the hospital and the mission. I saw the way in which he interacted with the patients of the hospital and the clients of the mission.


The water of Lake Superior is bone-chillingly lovely in a way that could only be considered refreshing to someone whose brutalized bones could use a good, algid chill.

The Wind Beneath My Wings

We need to remember, Stokes says, that sometimes, we are someone else’s hero. Sometimes, we are someone else’s mentor. Sometimes, we are simply a minor character. Sometimes, we are someone else’s villain.

Dear Class of 2018

During the first week of school, not a single one of you would laugh at my jokes. Now, some of you kind of do, probably just because you’re trying to be encouraging and nice.