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Faker and Me

Fans call him “The Unkillable Demon King.” They call him “god.” They chant “Faker Faker Playmaker” when he is winning.

Crushing It

Discovering each new piece of her was a treasure only surpassed by the next discovery. It did not take too long before she agreed to make our relationship official.


Plenty of people exist in the peripherals, without heart, voice, hope, friends. People you might never expect.

Ne Carpamus Diem

Giving up the control, allowing our grasping hands to slacken is scary. We don’t know what to do if we do nothing. Yet life goes on.


I write because someone once said, “Only two jobs can speak for the dead: detectives and writers.”

Everlasting Bonds

“We should totally hang out.”
The lie comes easily. Situations such as this feel like they require politeness and kindness more than truth.

Silver, and Gold, and Dross

“Golden Boy.” As gold is king among metals, so was he a paragon among humanity. Like a sun, he beamed a perfect smile, seemingly always happy. People basked in his radiance.


I can’t be the only one who wanted to know others’ thoughts about them. The stories locked away, whatever they are, waiting to be told.

This is NOT a Blog

Blogs are a compression of life, but in the condensing, much is lost. The world consists of indeterminate shades of gray (though definitely not fifty), which the structureless blogs cannot capture.

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