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Netherland: A Review

Chuck is, for O’Neill, an incarnation of New York itself: brash, quick-talking, big-dreaming, and under the surface, deeply flawed. Even his self-proclaimed motto sounds gimmicky.

Movie Reviewettes

It is manifestly astonishing, in the waning days of the vampire craze in which we find ourselves, that there are still vampirical depths yet to be plumbed.

Finding the Colors

Life no longer is about filing papers or planning for the future or buying groceries; it’s about going on quests and drinking with travelers in taverns and trading stories around a fire.

2014 Underreported Stories

Lost in all of those stories, though, are some ongoing topics which are just as important and get one percent of the airtime. Without further ado, a few issues which received short shrift in 2014.


I’m not sure what the secret is to knowing you’re in the right place or on the right track. I’m not sure there is one. The song helps to remind me that it’s okay not to know exactly what I want yet.


I was always driven by the idea of the adventure and seeing new and unique places—after all, Carmen Sandiego wasn’t going to find herself—and sought out all opportunities I could find.

Going Home

I am no stranger to nostalgia. My mom tells me that when I was younger I used to hug the Christmas tree after it had been taken down and dragged to the curb.

No News Could Be Good News

Despair-induced paralysis is a real problem and a primary cause of societal apathy, and while it would be unfair to blame news-blasting, I think it’s safe to say that it doesn’t help.

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