A selection of overheard conversations
Grand Rapids Christian High School
Grand Rapids, Michigan
March 12, 2020

“Calvin shut down and there are so many people who go here that have parents or whatever who work there so… we should probably close.”

“I emailed Mr. DeJonge [superintendent] last night just asking what he thought the chances of us having school were today.”

“Oh, chapel is definitely not happening. No gatherings over 100 people.”

“Miss Zwart, do you think it would work if we started a rumor that some sophomore had coronavirus?”
“I know a kid who has been absent for a few days! Let’s use him.”

“Someone AirDropped me a link to a Craigslist page with a cure for coronavirus. It’s Bug Juice and hand sanitizer. 100% vitamin C!”

“I went to Meijer and it was EMPTY.”

“I heard we don’t have school tomorrow.”

“Nice sneeze protocol.”

“Do you think flights are gonna get cancelled?”

“Do you think we’ll have school tomorrow?”

“Portage pulled their team from the meet.”

“They’re all old people so they’re at risk.”

“OH MY GOSH. OH. MY. GOSH. Basketball season is over. I can’t believe this.”

“Miss Zwart, everyone is freaking out a little too much. … Right?”

“Swimming is already two hours away from home driving to Oakland and they got cancelled.”

“I’m putting coronavirus in my memoir.”

“Why is no one washing their hands before going to lunch?!”

“Mr. Zietse just started a live video. They’re doing coronavirus math.”

“If this turns into the apocalypse, I’m finding my Black Ops Zombie crew.”

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  1. Kyric Koning

    Oof. I can see where being a teacher in this kind of situation would be rough. Stay safe, all!


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