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(1st) Katerina Parsons (’15)
Katerina Parsons graduated from Calvin College in 2015 with a double major in English Writing and International Development Studies. She now calls Tegucigalpa, Honduras home, where she works as the Director of Communications for the Association for a More Just Society, an organization that fights for peace, security, and anti-corruption in Honduras.

(2nd) Jake Schepers (’12)
Jacob Schepers graduated from Calvin in 2012 and finished his MA in English from the University at Buffalo in 2013. He is now a PhD student in English at Notre Dame, where he focuses on representations of time, mediation, and the body in 20th– and 21st-century poetics. His book, A Bundle of Careful Compromises (2014), was co-winner of the 2013 Outriders Poetry Project Competition, and his poems have appeared in VerseThe CommonPANKThe Fiddleback, and others. He lives with his wife, Charis, and sons Liam and Oliver in Mishawaka, Indiana. http://jacobscheperspoetry.wordpress.com/

(3rd) Sabrina Lee (’13)
Sabrina Lee majored in English and French and graduated from Calvin College in 2013. After a couple gap years, she’s back in school at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, pursuing a MA/PhD in English. You can usually find her reading and drinking tea—and, once in a while, ballroom dancing.

(4th) Ben Rietema (’14)
Ben Rietema graduated in 2014 and lives in Wanaka, New Zealand at the moment. Besides staring at and running in mountains, he makes a wicked hospital corner and can clean a bathroom like Gandhi (if he were a housekeeper) at his job at a local lodge. He also enjoys saying “HOUSEKEEPING” in the highest pitch voice he can muster before entering a room to service it. https://benrietema.wordpress.com/

(5th) Alissa Goudswaard Anderson (’10)
Alissa Goudswaard Anderson (’10) lives with her husband Josh in New York City, where she is earning her Master of Divinity at General Theological Seminary. Alissa enjoys private kitchen dance parties, big Midwestern thunderstorms, and perusing other peoples’ bookshelves. For more, find her online at www.episcotheque.wordpress.com or tweet her @episcotheque.

(6th) Josh deLacy (’13)
Josh deLacy is a writer and website developer based in Seattle, Washington. After graduating from Calvin College in 2013 with a degree in writing and political science, he returned to the Pacific Northwest. Whether he’s summiting mountains, climbing cliffs, or hitchhiking across the country, defying death has never looked so good. His website: joshdelacy.com

(7th) Caroline Higgins (’11)
Caroline Higgins in lives in Brooklyn, New York, where she spends the vast majority of her time teaching English language arts to lively middle-schoolers as a member of the New York City Teaching Fellows. You may also find her working on a master’s degree from Brooklyn College, attempting to master new yoga postures, or planning her next adventure abroad with her roommates. She continues to be inspired by the energy and diversity of New York City and the beauty of that certain slant of light.

(8th) Paul Menn (’10)
Paul graduated in 2010 with a degree in English and a minor in philosophy.  He then went to law school.  Neither of those things really matter to him.  All he truly cares about is his wife (Emma VanKooten ’10), his family and friends, his cat (HandsomeMarcoCat), and Babylon 5. Everything else is negotiable.

(9th) Bart Tocci (’11)
I graduated from Calvin in 2011 with a degree in English. I gave my two months notice at work, and I’m living in Chicago until I don’t know when. I bought a one-way ticket to Ireland and I leave in May. My blog: barttocci.wordpress.com

(10th) Katie Van Zanen (’14)
Katie Van Zanen graduated in May 2014. After a year of travel and trial in Egypt, she’s braving graduate school at Boston College. She reads and writes fiction, essays, blog posts, and letters from Roslindale, Massachusetts. Follow her at kvanzanen.wordpress.com.

(11th) Elaine Schnabel (’11)
Elaine Schnabel, who has been puttering around the eastern hemisphere after graduating from Calvin two years ago, is now a graduate student at Purdue University studying communications. She loves traveling, playing soccer and violin, eating scads of peanut butter, and writing blogs (http://bearoflittlebrain.blogspot.kr/).

(12th) Abby Zwart (’13)
Abby Zwart graduated in 2013 with an English secondary education major.  She currently lives in Grand Rapids and teaches seventh and eighth grade language arts.  One of her hobbies is writing down the titles of books she intends to read at some point. She also handles day-to-day management of the post calvin.

(13th) Catherine Kramer (’14)
Catherine Kramer is a 2014 English grad. She works in publishing and lives above a bakery; her days are filled with books, baked goods, and Boy Meets World.

(14th) Will Montei (’13)
Will Montei is a fresh graduate with a degree in writing, a minor in philosophy, and very little money to his name. He is a lover of storytelling in all of its forms. Though he writes often, much of it remains a wonderful secret.

(15th) Cassie Westrate (’14)
Cassie Westrate graduated from Calvin in 2014 with a double major in writing and international development studies. Contrary to her prideful determination to have an awesome job in her field lined up after graduation, she currently lives in Zeeland, MI and makes all of your favorite picnic salads by the hundreds of pounds. She also blogs at riffraffthoughts.wordpress.com.

(16th) Andrew Knot (’11)
Andrew Knot is the admissions counselor at Illiana Christian High School in Lansing, Illinois. He often incorrectly likens his responsibilities there to those of a head coach in Division 1 college athletics.

(17th) Geneva Langeland (’13)
Geneva Langeland recently took the plunge into a master’s degree program in environmental policy at the University of Michigan. When she’s not laboring over homework or exploring Ann Arbor, she spends her free time reminiscing about the days when she had free time.

(18th) Ben DeVries (’15)
Ben DeVries graduated in 2015 with degrees in Literature and Writing. He married his wife Jes, another Calvin English major, this July. They are moving to Champaign, IL, where he will pursue his PhD in American literature.

(19th) Mary Margaret Healy (’13)
Mary Margaret is a 2013 English, history, and secondary education grad who is off seeking adventure in the great wide somewhere of Pennsylvania. She is in graduate school at the University of Pittsburgh, studying to get her master’s degree in social work.  Her major writing project right now is a fantasy novel based on her experiences as a Dungeon Master during her college years.

(20th) Gabe Gunnink (’14)
Gabe Gunnink graduated from Calvin in 2014 with degrees in secondary education, Spanish, English, and writing. He is currently working as a ninth grade Spanish teacher. However, if that’s not to his liking, he’ll be moving to York, England where he will write poetry out of tea shops, go for lolloping runs through the British countryside, set the record for the most treacle cake consumed in a single sitting, and work part-time as a magical singing nanny with a knack for reminding families of the important things in life.

(21st) Andrew Orlebeke (’10)
Andrew is a 2010 graduate who majored in Spanish. After college he spent a year in Spain and in Korea teaching English. He currently lives in Washington, DC and works on Capitol Hill. An enthusiastic sports fan, ardent traveler, and frequent Qdoba patron, he is excited to be writing for the post calvin.

(22nd) Matt Medendorp (’14)
Matt Medendorp graduated from Calvin in 2014 with a writing degree held together by duct tape and a few trips abroad. He finished his degree in the mountains of Alaska, taking a course with the National Outdoor Leadership School where he learned intensive backcountry skills and pooped in biodegradable bags. Currently he lives in Grand Rapids, sells hockey tape for a living, and is working on a book of writing and photography from his time in Alaska.

(23rd) Michael Kelly (’14)
Michael Kelly graduated from Calvin College in 2014 with a double major in psychology and writing. Shortly after graduating, he moved to Boston, Massachusetts to begin his graduate level study of educational research at Boston College’s Lynch School of Education. When he is not learning or teaching in formal education settings, Michael strives to learn and teach through stories and writing—fiction and nonfiction, comedy and tragedy, and everything in between.

(24th) Lauren Boersma (’13)
Lauren Boersma is a ninth and tenth grade English teacher at Calvin Christian High School. Lauren is a lying, spontaneous, idealistic, independent, fierce, over-thinking, damaged, adventurous, ordinary megalomaniac with a healthy sense of self-worth and a high word count. See her writing for more detail.

(25th) Ryan Struyk (’14)
Ryan Struyk graduated from Calvin in 2014 with majors in political science and mathematics. He currently covers the 2016 elections for ABC News in Washington. He’s also done political polling in New York City and reported on the Idaho state legislature for the Associated Press in Boise.  In his free time, Ryan enjoys talking about inferential statistics, music theory and his beloved Detroit Tigers.

(26th)  Nick Meekhof (’15)
Nick Meekhof is a 2015 graduate with a major in writing and a minor in geography. He has been working at his beloved family farm in Walker, Michigan since he could lift a hoe, but he also has a strong affinity for exploring the rivers, forests, and small towns all throughout the Great Lakes State, finding hidden gems in unconventional places. His current goals include kayaking 100 Michigan rivers, swimming in Lake Michigan during every month of the year, standing at the exact four corners of the state, and visiting as many Michigan breweries as possible without breaking the bank.

(27th) Brad Zwiers (’12)
Brad Zwiers graduated from Calvin College in 2012 and Western Theological Seminary in 2015. He will not be graduating from any more schools. He often stares at books he wishes he could read but knows he will not finish and goes for long walks with his wife, Gwyn. Sometimes he plays basketball and always he follows the greatest sporting club in the world, Liverpool F.C.

(28th) Bekah Williamson (’12)

(The 29th, 30th, and 31st of each month are covered by various guest writers.)


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